One thing majority of youth of this generation have in common, is their love for the classic tv show FRIENDS. And so, we decided to hot an event to discuss entrepreneurship with a FRIENDS theme. There were 7 guest speakers; each representing a character from the show and each discussed their success in the entrepreneurial world. 

    • Mousa Oweineh, Instagram sales and marketing trainer portrayed Ross Geller. He discussed how he took advantage of the increase in social media use to market businesses. A lot of businesses want to incorporate themselves in this trend but are unaware how to and so Mousa helps train and teach people and companies how to properly market their success and businesses.
    • Raya al Jughol and Yousef Hammad, co-founders of Socksat and Jo’s Honey, represented Phoebe Buffay and Mike Hannigan. They were the perfect example of how small ideas can and are capable of success. They have two successful and thriving businesses that are so creative and unique. Never think your idea is too small.
    • Aya Barqawi, the founder and creative director at The A-dir and content creator, stylist, and photographer, played the role of Rachel Greene. She was the epitome of the idea that passion leads to success. She took what she’s good at and what she is passionate about and built an amazing and successful company from the ground up.
    • Mohannad Awad, chef and founder of Soul Food, Fry the Bird, Uncle Moe’s Pasta, and Café Central represented Joey Tribbiani. Thinking outside the box is essential in entrepreneurship and all four of Mohannad’s businesses are examples of this. The unique twist he created with his food, making it an art, making it different is what helped him accomplish his success. 
    • Rebecca Odeh, fitness expert, founder of Bikini Boot Camp, TV presenter and news anchor played Monica Geller.  She took her hardships and experiences throughout life and created success out of them. Her entrepreneurial journey became her lifestyle.
    • Osama A. AlHaj, serial entrepreneur, social activist and one of the top LG selected by Google, played the role of Chandler Bing. He discussed and showed that one should not always stay stagnant in life. Always pursue more and go outside your comfort zone. Entrepreneurship isn’t meant to be a safe game, take risks.