When meeting new people there’s always this barrier to starting new conversations. Our Ice Breaker event was held to help relieve any uncomfortable feelings people may have when meeting new people. It helped encourage youth to connect amongst each other and amongst other entrepreneurs. It allowed entrepreneurs of the community to connect and build contacts. 

    • Zaid Souqi, founder of the Orenada Tribe and Tasmeematch discussed how creating connections is important. With his work with the Orenda Tribe he helps to empower youth to make positive change. Zaid helps to empower youth across the world through art and story telling. 
    • Lama Sha’sha’, the chairperson and co-founder of IRA talked about the need to be interactive in all things in life. With her robotics academy she helps encourage reform in education, positive leadership, and new perspectives.
    • Mohammed Atoum, founder and CEO of Yotta Solutions, was the perfect example of the fact that there’s no such thing as too young. If you have dreams and goals, all you need to do is try and keep trying to achieve them and one day you will.