This event was the premiere and debut of the Jordanian Entrepreneurs Club. It helped bring together and introduce so many youth interested in entrepreneurship. There were several successful entrepreneurs present that spoke about their success and how they were able to achieve it. We helped to create an environment for youth to believe that they also have the potential to be successful young entrepreneurs.

    • Zaynah Hamarneh, CEO and co founder of MODE Marketing and PR explained how hard work and commitment are essential to any type of success. She talked about all the struggles and challenges she endured to try to make her dream of running a marketing firm come to life and how through dedication you can always find a way to make your dreams come true.
    • Omar Akel, co-founder of ifood and the founder of Baskets.jo talked about how sometimes you need to fail before you can succeed. Success is not easily achieved and one needs to understand this being an entrepreneur. Omar was able to get back up after every failure and now has two successful operating businesses. 
    • Farrah Matalka, founder of Giving Joy discussed how you can create a business intended to help people. She said that we rise by lifting others and this was her inspiration to start her business. You can create a successful business and still make a difference in this world
    • Laith Abu Taleb, founder of Wargami and Arabic He for She discussed how you can turn a passion into a successful business. Passion is one of the key attributes of an entrepreneur. This passion drives you to success and your best. So find what you are passionate about and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.