JEC's Vision

Our vision is to become the home to all entrepreneurs where individuals can share expertise, exposure, network, and any form of investment.

Jordanian Entrepreneurs Club
How did JEC start?
JEC started after noticing a huge gap in the Jordanian society on awareness of entrepreneurship and the hardships young entrepreneurs are facing to tap into networks of like-minded individuals with shared dreams. The ecosystem is still young and a similar approach should have been taken to unify entrepreneurs under one umbrella to give them the chance to benefit from each other’s experiences and provide them with a showcase market that will expose them to the outer world and the opportunities available in the region and abroad.
What do we offer mainly?
A platform that provides connections, programs, portfolios and opportunities in Jordan. We also provide:
1. Information about their entities and the Jordanian market.
2. Networks of available funds and investment opportunities in the market and the MENA Region.
3. Important news and opportunities for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jordan.
What are our future plans?
To be a home to all entrepreneurs on a global scale.


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